New puppy photos (two weeks old)
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Nieuwe foto's van de Spaanse waterhonden pups, 2 weken


We have puppies born on the 8th of March 2016!
The father is Luxembourg Junior Champion, Dutch Junior Champion, Amsterdam Junior Winner'13 Pink Panther de Amaragua (Boli) and the mother is Lluvia de los Cerros del Quinto!
There are still available puppies!
Spaanse Waterhond Pink Panther de Amaragua Spaanse Waterhond Lluvia

7 males and  2 females

the females
Spaanse Waterhond pup teefje 1 Spaanse Waterhond pup teefje 2

and the males

Spaanse Waterhond pup reutje 1 Perro de Agua Espaņol pup reutje 2 Spaanse Waterhond pup reutje 3

 Spaanse Waterhond pup reutje 4 Spaanse Waterhond pup reutje 5 Spaanse Waterhond pup reutje 6 Spaanse Waterhond pup reutje 7
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We try to do our very best to breed high quality Spanish Waterdogs. We try to achieve this by breeding with carefully selected breeding dogs. The dogs we use for breeding are tested on the present known disorders in the breed. We try to use different bloodlines to have the genetical base as wide as possible, therefore we import dogs mainly from Spain. 

All puppies are born in our living area and are given a lot of attention so they become well behaving and social dogs.

We think that buying a puppy from us also gives you some responsibilities. Of course you have to do your very best to take care of the puppy. Any disorders have to be told to us, so we can learn. Also we request that you test your puppy as well, because for example the Hipdysplasia test can only be done when the dogs are minimum one year old. 

Puppies from our kennel are registered with the Dutch Kennel Club.  By the time our puppies leave for their new homes they have been thoroughly checked by our veterinarian, micro-chipped, vaccinated and dewormed regularly.

We strongly suggest that if you are interested in having a Spanish Waterdog as a companion, that before making a final decision, you make every effort to see some adult Spanish Waterdogs.

Before any puppy is sold, we prefer that prospective owners take the time to come and visit the SWD gang.  This means you can get to know the temperament of our Spanish Waterdogs and gives us an idea of the type of puppy that will best suit you.

Visitors are always welcome after making an appointment.